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Active Ennovations is a leading professional software development and web application development company. Our development team is highly qualified, experienced and innovative. Our goal is to provide our clients with the perfect platform to most efficiently run their business. Serving small and mid-sized businesses throughout Southern California and developing software used by clients worldwide, Active Ennovations considers client satisfaction as our primary goal.

Active Ennovations, the leading web development company in Los Angeles.

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Website Development Services

We have rich experience in a variety of projects including:

  • Developing intuitive and easy to use software applications
  • Website Design
  • Integration, Add-ins and Customization
  • Software Analysis, Evaluation, and Feasibility
  • Smart Client Applications
  • Web/Internet Applications
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Custom Server Applications
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Database Design and Development
  • Flash Animation
  • Real Time Device Control
  • Image and Audio Processing
  • Plug-ins and Customization

Website Design Consultation and Layout Construction Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Active Ennovations is a professional website design company. When we say website design, we not only mean what your website will end up looking like, but also how it will function, how efficiently it will work, and how well it will convey your message and intent. Website design is a crucial step on the way to making a big impression on clients, and expanding your publicity and exposure.

During the time of designing your website we are taking in your opinions and comments, while continually improving and tweaking the efficiency of your website, until it is modified to fit your needs. Our company prides itself in having 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Active Ennovations has developed many websites over the years. With the vast knowledge we have accumulated through this, we make the process of website design fast and easy, using the most advanced, user friendly and search engine friendly technology.

Where are you ranked in the search engines? Is your website getting enough traffic?

A high rank in search engines is the most important thing for your website, and for you. Most individuals looking for a specific service, product, or company through a search engine, will not go past the 3rd result page. The higher you are ranked, the more traffic you will get into your website and more clients.

SEO is a process of modifying your website throughout different layers. Making it search engine friendly, whether through code line improvement, or content improvement, in order to improve your rank in organic search results. Organic Search Results are listings that appear for a search that is derived from a number of factors. Each search engine evaluates differently, as opposed to paid advertisements.

Search Engine Optimization is a gradual process, and not immediate, but you will be able to see the improvement within the first few weeks. Through search engine optimization you could achieve higher ranks in Google, Yahoo! or MSN Live.

Custom Web Application Development

If you have a problem with your website, need improvement, or if you have any idea for a web application, but don’t know how to get it started, we will do it for you. Active Ennovations specializes in utilizing different high-end technologies and platforms to bring you the best solution in the shortest time possible.

Custom Software Development

To ensure the most efficient software development process, we use an agile software development methodology. Rather than delivering your finished software all at once, we start out by creating a very basic prototype, and then incrementally improve it through a series of project iterations. The prototype will be functional from a very early stage and steadily improved based on your feedback to make sure that it satisfies your real-world needs.

Web Hosting

Do you have a website but nowhere to put it? Are you tired of paying too much for web hosting services that give you very limited bandwidth and storage space?

Active Ennovations offers you a web hosting service for your website! You can now have peace of mind knowing that we provide a safe place to store your website on our servers and will take care of everything for you. With our web hosting service, you get full backups and service - making it easier for you to run your website.

Our Web Hosting Services Include:

  • High Capacity Web Hosting
  • High Bandwidth
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Domain Name and Sub domains
  • Database Services
  • Web Mail Features
  • Support and Configuration

Active Ennovations makes web hosting Easy!

We are available by phone or e-mail to discuss potential projects, even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description.

Call (818) 660-2328 or email us today.

Active Ennovations

Active Ennovations is a leading professional website design and development company. We are also an internet technology consultant, with a demonstrated ability to successfully lead and inspire software development teams, serving small and mid-sized businesses throughout Southern California.

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